How To: Run OS X Lion In A Virtual Machine

How To: Run OS X Lion In A Virtual Machine

Have you been wanting to try the new Developer Preview of OS X 10.7, but don’t want to set up another partition or give up your existing Snow Leopard installation? Now there is a third option for those wanting to run OS X: Setting it up in a VMWare virtual machine.

ObviousLogic has posted a 12-step tutorial walk-through detailing exactly how one might go about creating a working installation of OS X 10.7 Lion Developer Preview. Be warned, however, that this tutorial is aimed at the more technically inclined users of OS X. Additionally, it’s important to note that virtual machines do have certain limitations, and that the developer preview will almost certainly run much better from a dedicated partition. However, for those of you that really want to be able to run the preview under your current installation without having to reboot… Take heed. This is one of those “do at your own risk” scenarios.

Check out the full tutorial at ObviousLogic. Happy VM’ing!

Via OSXDaily

  1. juicywaterhouse says:

    I've been running lion on my only machine with no partition since it was released and highly recommend it. Sure every now and then an app will quit unexpectedly, but it overwhelmingly runs perfect and with all the new features I think it's definitely worth it.

  2. Kevin says:

    Yeah I'm running Lion as my primary OS without any major issues. If you want to run it as a VM you can't go wrong with VirtualBox from Sun Microsystems (it's free and runs on JRE). It makes the install almost a one-click affair…

  3. Xyzsor says:

    i think i’ll wait for the final release before i reformat my mac.. I hate having to reformat.. Its coming in a month anyway.. haha.. Thanks for the info about VM’ing..

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