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Apple Rejects iPhone Radiation App. Because You Shouldn’t Care.

Apple Rejects iPhone Radiation App. Because You Shouldn’t Care.

Radiation is a bit of a hot topic at the moment. But Apple doesn’t think you should care about radiation, at least not the radiation that leaks out of the iPhone.

A company by the name of Tawkon developed a neat looking iPhone app that detects the levels of radiation emitting from your iPhone and went about getting the app approved.

All phones emit a certain (hopefully small) level of radiation but Apple doesn’t think you need to know how much radiation is leaked from its iPhone. The app was promptly rejected.

When Tawkon contacted Steve Jobs directly about their app rejection the received a simple “No Interest” reply.

How considerate of Apple.

If your iPhone is Jailbroken, you can install the App through Cydia. But hopefully Apple comes to its senses before then.

(Via 9to5)


  1. O P says:

    Its a fake app, there isn't a wait for the device to record the radiation.

  2. leo says:

    How does it measure radiation?

    Seems fake.

  3. j r says:

    Not completely true OP. It can't directly measure the radiation output but there are internal API calls which will return the amount of power being sent to the antenna.

  4. Jefe says:

    OP, its not an actual radiation monitor, what it does is translates the actions of the phone into the amount of radiation being emitted through known observation. Just like you can say, without measuring, that if a 75-watt light bulb is turned on, a certain amount of radiation is being emitted, by knowing how much radiation a 75-watt bulb emits.

    Anyhow, I'm extremely glad I didn't fall for the joke of a phone known as the iPhone. Apple actually controls the apps that are allowed to be used with it…not something I would ever willingly sign up for. Unless you want to be Steve Jobs' drone, stick with something that doesn't control content based on the whims of a brilliant, but petulant twerp like Jobs

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