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AT&T Confirms iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot Coming On March 11th.

AT&T Confirms iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot Coming On March 11th.

AT&T has recently released that they will be supporting the iPhone 4’s Personal Hotspot feature (introduced in the Verizon iPhone) with the release of iOS 4.3, coming out on March 11th. To enable this feature you will need to subscribe to the DataPro Hotspot/Tethering plan which carries a $45 per month fee. For that you will get 4GB of data to share between your normal data usage, tethering, and the Hotspot feature.

While I personally feel that tethering should not carry an additional charge at all, especially on a capped data plan (if you’re already limiting the amount of data used, what does it matter? 4 gigs is 4 gigs, and it makes no difference to AT&T how it is used.), it wouldn’t be the first time that wireless carriers engaged in inherently anti-consumer practices for the sake of making a few extra bucks with no effort or capital expense.

At least AT&T is somewhat on the ball here, and we’re not having to wait as long as we had to for tethering initially. How many of you will be signing up for this when it is available? Is it worth the cash? Is it worth giving up your unlimited data? Sound off in the comments!

  1. Manny says:

    I wonder if you can switch back and forth, like I can currently do with my data plan. I am using the 200MB plan, but if I go over 200MB, I can easily switch to the 2GB plan, then switch back after the billing cycle ends. So I wonder if I would be able to do the same with this?

    1. Yeah, I'm sure you would be able to. No indication that that ability would be taken away.

  2. paulmwatson says:

    Hmm, $45 a month or jailbreak.

    1. Yes, some people will go the route of jailbreaking. Other prefer not to, however, so this is an option for them.

  3. paulmwatson says:

    And you can already get tethering over BlueTooth or USB for much less per month, right? This just adds the WiFi spot ability. For $45 a month.

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