Chicago Woman Killed In iPhone Robbery

Chicago Woman Killed In iPhone Robbery

The Chicago Tribune reports that a robber, fleeing after having stolen an iPhone from an L-train commuter, pushed a 68-year-old woman down a flight of stairs. The woman later died from injuries resulting from this attack.

Medical officials say that she died of a cerebral hemorrhage resulting from the attack.

The crime reflects a growing trend involving smartphone thefts in the city. The problem, however, reaches far beyond the Chicago area, authorities said.

“It’s a worldwide problem where iPhones are being taken, resold to fences, which are then resold for a higher price,” Belmont Area detective Cmdr. Gary Yamashiroya said. “It’s something that police departments across the country are trying to find solutions to.”

Certainly the robbery of an iPhone is bad news in itself, but to sink so low that the health, safety, and even the lives of others are less important than the gadgets that we thrive from? Truly sad indeed.

Via Chicago Tribune


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