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Concept: Socially Focused iPhone Home Screen.

Concept: Socially Focused iPhone Home Screen.

Here is a pretty interesting iPhone home screen mockup from Geoff Teehan of Teehan+Lax. The design is a replacement for the current home screen that only shows you a list of Apps you have installed. The idea behind the concept is to promote a more social engaged home screen that can quickly notify you of items such as missed calls, upcoming events, and even Facebook updates.

Geoff explains…

You can see from the screens it’s essentially just a scrollable list of applications and notifications. We envision it behaving in much the same way that the list view does in the Calendar application. By default it may track things like missed calls, unread emails and calendar events. But what if users could allow other apps to feed into this screen as well? If I’m a Facebook junkie I’d be able to tell the Facebook app to include certain feeds on my home screen. If I was a frequent traveler I may include the Tripit app to show me my upcoming trips.

Unfortunately it is not possible to alter the iPhone home screen in the manner that Geoff has outlined. The only way to alter the home screen would be through some form of JailBreak. An update to the post by Geoff would indicate that they currently working on developing this concept into reality

The demand for this has been too great to ignore. We’re building a working version of this. More details and screens to follow. You can follow us at twitter.com/teehanlax