Everyday – Timelapse Ageing

Everyday – Timelapse Ageing
Everyday iphone app

If you are content with life and are at peace with the concept of ageing you might enjoy this app. If you suffer from existential angst, this app may not help.

Their cool slow paced yet oddly compelling promo video features a man who is clearly unperturbed by the concept that he is growing older, but then he seems largely unmoved by life itself. I think it may have been scripted and directed by Albert Camus.

The Everyday iphone app offers you simple tools for taking a similar photo of yourself every day. The app allows you to set reminders to take the photo and once you have a series of images taken it will produce a timelapse video of your own personal ageing process.

It also has the now practically obigatory social media sharing options, in case you wish to share your daily facial changes with friends.

I bought the app ($1.99) and although I don’t plan to use it long term, I think it might become addictive. If not, I intend to at least produce a timelapse video of me growing a beard.

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