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Got your Hipstamatic SXSW Tejas Lens FreePak?

Got your Hipstamatic SXSW Tejas Lens FreePak?

Everyone is going SXSW crazy it seems, and I spotted on Mashable last night that Hipstmatic had yet another FreePak available to celebrate. The FreePak includes the Tejas Lens and a Cowgirl Camera Case.

Warm and worn like a trusty old pair of kicks, the Tejas lens smells of sunny southwestern nights

I fired up Hipstamatic last night and set the FreePak downloading, or so I thought, but today there was no sign of the pak, so I went back into the store but there was no sign of the FreePak – the lens shows up on the camera front with an option to purchase, but attempts to purchase failed.

This happens sometimes with new Paks I’m sure it’ll be sorted soon – has anyone successfully grabbed it? Want to share your photos with us? Leave a comment below with links to your photos.

Also, did any of our readers volunteer to be an official SXSW Community Ambassador at SXSW? Again, we’d love to hear from you, about your experiences and see any photos you took.

  1. rnunley says:

    Had the same issue. I can get the camera case but the lens will not download for me. Even though it shows that it is "mine" I can't access it at all. Very bummed out.

  2. Something odd going on with comments here at the moment, sorry guys, Ryan's comment only appearing sometimes…

    Anyway, yes even though the Pak is not in the store if you swipe through the lenses or cases you can see the Pak contents, but attempting to purchase that way bring sup the error / crash I describe above.

    Still no luck today either, but I know that when the same thing happened with Mac & Milk Hipstamatic fixed the issue and extended the free period, so hopefully we won't get left without it because it looks like a nice lens. Let's face it, the paks don't cost the earth either, so I'll just end up buying it if I miss the FreePak – I assume it will be worked into a future paid pak.

  3. Ryan says:

    Have you tried swiping all the way to the right? New lenses will show up at the very end of your lens list (past even other lenses that you have not purchased). Note that you can re-order lenses using the Camera Bag feature if you'd like easier access to the Tejas lens. Hope this helps!

  4. Stuie says:

    I just downloaded mine on iPhone 4, it says that both are "mine", but I don't see it anywhere. :/

  5. nick says:

    after many server errors, finally downloaded the sxsw pak and nothing shows up. says it's mine, but nada.

    this is the second freepak I've not been able to use now.


  6. KJK says:

    I got it just fine. Same as any other free pack. Pics with the new lens are pretty good! http://twitpic.com/49iu3t

  7. frankprendergast says:

    Nice shot KJK, – still no joy getting my hands on it here, and it looks like my kind of lens too… I really like the colours and the fact there's not too much noise. Chunky is a nice lens for certain subjects, but there's a bit too much random light leaking going on. I'm a big fan of Helga, this looks a little bit dirtier than Helga, but with a nice clarity compare to some other lenses.

  8. Otti otta says:

    Hi ! I have it and it works ! (Even if i can't obtain a black frame… Just thé white one.)

    I'm from Paris. Mad about m'y hipst app. All the pictures on m'y blog are done with it…

  9. Dianepetersonphotography says:

    is this lens still available..I am a bit late to the party I know but just got my ipod touch a bit ago…

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