Man Gives iPad 2 To Complete Stranger

Man Gives iPad 2 To Complete Stranger

Those of you that tried unsuccessfully to get an iPad 2 on launch day know first hand how frustrating it is to stand in line for hours, only to have the store run out of iPads. One man in this situation, however, was lucky enough to score one at no additional cost, courtesy of a good Samaritan.

Chris Reimer, who runs Rizzo Tees, an online T-Shirt business in St. Louis, tried and failed to get an iPad 2 last week. Being an avid tweeter, he put out all his frustrations on Twitter to his 52,000 followers. Interesting enough, one of the followers (Muljadi Budiman) whom he’d never had contact from before said he was currently in line at the Apple store, and wondered if he’d like him to pick up an iPad 2 for him.

Reimer declined the offer, not knowing exactly which model he wanted, and perhaps questioning Budiman’s motives. Budiman contacted him again on Friday, sayinf he was back in line, and hadn’t gotten one on launch day. Again he offers to pick one up for Reimer. This time, however, Reiman accepts. He tells Budiman which iPad he wants, and they meet at a coffee shop to do the exchange.

Muljadi, who wasn’t trying to make money off of the deal, gave him the iPad for the actual price he paid at the Apple Store. Why would Muljadi do this? Perhaps the world isn’t as cold and cynical a place as we sometimes think. Here’s to hoping, anyway!

Do you have a similar story of someone going out of their way to help a fellow Apple-ite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Via CultofMac