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Users Of 2011 MacBook Pros Having Issues With Home Sharing

Users Of 2011 MacBook Pros Having Issues With Home Sharing

Many owner’s of Apple’s new MacBook Pro models are reporting being unable to connect devices or maintain connections via iTunes Home Sharing. A support thread in Apple’s Discussion forums shows over 200 reports of 2011 MacBook Pro users sharing this issue. There is currently no known fix.

It appears that people are even returning their 2011 MPB’s over this issue, as many people apparently rely on this feature. Although Apple has yet to find a fix, the issue is widely documented, and I cannot help but think that Apple is working on resolving this sooner rather than later. It’s unclear what might me causing this issue.

While I haven’t encountered a problem on my 15″ 2011 MacBook Pro, I do not doubt the validity of the issue. However, returning a new computer over something which is almost certainly repairable via software seems extreme to me. There’s a price to pay for being an early adopter of new models – and early adopters should be aware that they are guinea pigs of sorts.

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

Via AppleInsider

  1. krypticpulse says:

    I have a 2011 15inch as well, though I have no problems to report. (2.2GHz) Perhaps the problem is a specific 2011 model.

  2. Tag says:

    I have found most mac users a babies anyway, so this does not surprise me at all. people need to chill out and realize that technology is not always perfect and there will be times it does not work 100% especially (as you pointed out) when you are an early adopter of new items.

  3. Oliver Bealby says:

    my 13" 2.7ghz doesn't do airplay either. I'm not particularly angry though as I should think there will be an update soon. However I do not think we should be 'Guinea Pigs' especially given the price tag associated with an Apple Computer. Also if we 'Chilled Out' then how would apple find out about the problems?

  4. THope says:

    I agree with Oliver. For the price tag we pay for any Apple products, they should give us defect free product (H/w or s/w issues we don't care. If we are paying premium we expect HIGHEST quality). I really now wondering if apple as a product company is reliable?
    Sorry for Going bit of-topic. Here are my facts about iPhone 3GS.

    I bought iPhone 3GS exactly an year ago. I had to get a replacement for 4 times in last 1 year for various issues. Seriously 4 defective products in an year is a large percentage of failures for any individual for that price tag and for all that Hype around Apple.

    I had Nokia phone before buying iPhone (3 phones in span of 9 years) . Number of times the phone was replaced in last 9 years :0
    (i have literally put my phone in sun-light after once i was soaked in rain and in 2 days my set was up and running) I had to literally give up using every 3 years to get a new product.

    Can Apple ever beat this reliability ? 0% chance according to me. Apple is just another overly Hyped product company nothing more.

  5. font9a says:

    I wonder if these people have the same problem I did: I was on my company's WiFi at work: apparently my company uses something in the network for security that prevents my MBP and iPad from realizing they are on the same network.

    Once I got home and tried on my WEP2-enabled network on my AirPort Extreme everything worked fine…

  6. ariliquin says:

    Is this maybe related to another issue many are complaining about:

    Can anyone confirm if they are experiencing the same issue or are aware of any information from Apple regarding this issue?:

    Issue: In OS X it is possible to see varied and reduced network capabilities from the airport in comparison to previous model macs. To test this run a terminal and ping your router. If you get results that are widely variable, from 2ms to 300ms etc, constantly changing, you may have this issue.

    Other symptoms, inability to connect to router, disconnect from router after short period of time.

    In Windows 7 (Bootcamp), same issue with ping requests. Also if in close proximity to router you can access internet, when in another room, internet is unavailable, moving back into room internet becomes available, via Airport.

    Compare this to any other computer you have, old mac or windows and you will see a consistent 1-2ms response from the router and ZERO network issues


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