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Angry Birds Sync Coming Soon In Forthcoming Update

Angry Birds Sync Coming Soon In Forthcoming Update

Everybody loves the Birds, mainly because they’re so angry, and people like that. Sometimes, though, users get angry when they cannot resume their game between devices. Rovio doesn’t want you angry, and came up with a fix for that plaguing avian problem.

The fix, which comes via Rovio’s twitter account, is a forthcoming release of Angry Birds that will enable Angry Birds Sync – a new concept that will save level progress, and make it accessible on any device you have Angry Birds installed on.

While there should perhaps be some commentary directed towards Apple regarding such a feature not being available through the Game Center (it would be a simple implementation, and should be easy for developers to implement if Apple created a framework for it), I, for one, am glad that at least one developer has taken the initiative on this – perhaps other developers, or Apple themselves, will follow suit. One can only hope.

What are your thoughts? Does this excite you? Does it even apply to you? Would you use it? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Tag says:

    I am already doing it with sugarsync for my lappy and my desktop.. adding the phone would be very nice.

  2. Arvee says:

    How do I update my Angry Birds in PC?

  3. TheCakey says:

    they should make the iphone as the remote for launching the birds onto the ipad =D

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