Apple Approves TrapCall App To Unblock Blocked Calls

Apple Approves TrapCall App To Unblock Blocked Calls

After having gone through Apple’s review procedures, and spending a 201-day stay in the Apple Hotel, an app called TrapCall by Tel Tech Systems has finally been approved. What’s interesting is what it can do – reveal the identity of blocked callers.

The app, although free, requires a 5 dollar per month subscription, in exchange for which it can identify debt collectors, political survey groups, and others. Interestingly, it also has the curious ability to play back a recorded message to such callers informing them that your number has been disconnected, as well as being able to transcribe voicemail, among other things.

There isn’t an official answer as to why the approval process took such a long time, but I cannot help but think that it was closely related to the delicate nature of what this app can do – bridging a previously untouched privacy gap.

So, before Apple changes their mind and decides to yank this from the app store, I’d recommend jumping on this one. You can get it from the app store.

Will you use this app? What are your thoughts? Should it have been approved, or is this something that should never have seen the light of day? Sound off in the comments!

Via 9to5Mac