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Apple’s iPhone Business Twice The Size Of Google’s Entire Operation

Apple’s iPhone Business Twice The Size Of Google’s Entire Operation

Despite frequent talk from analysts and other sources about Android being a warrior platform that it about to overtake (or has overtaken) iPhone in marketshare, the fact still stands that Apple’s iPhone business is over twice the size of Google’e entire organization.

“It seems that almost every day I’m confronted with yet another insignificant article explaining how Google has surpassed Apple in ‘platform market share’ and that, due to this cataclysmic state of affairs, investors should jump ship as this surely amounts to nothing short of the financial end of Apple,” Andy M. Zaky writes for Fortune.

“This issue of platform market share is trivial and financially irrelevant to the overall Apple investment thesis, and does nothing more than to distract people from financial reality,” Zaky writes. “In the end, Apple makes so much of the money in the smartphone industry because it actually understands how to run a business. Apple’s iPhone is far outpacing the growth in the global smartphone industry according to IDC and Gartner.”

“The iPhone is growing at a pace of 85-100% each quarter,” Zaky writes. “iPhone revenue is nearly doubling each quarter. After selling 39 million iPhones in 2010, Apple is going to sell more than 75 million in 2011, generating nearly $50 billion in revenue from a single device.”

Zaky writes, “Google will probably report about $6.5 billion in total revenue when it releases its first quarter results later this week. Apple’s iPhone alone will very likely eclipse $11 billion for the March quarter. For 2011, Google is expected to report about $27 billion on the top line compared to the iPhone’s expected $48.2 billion in revenue. The iPhone as a business is nearly twice the size of Google’s entire operation. This is a financial reality rarely illuminated in these so-called “platform market share” articles where Apple investors are supposed to be ‘deathly afraid’ of the Android operating system that doesn’t even create a fraction of the revenue Apple generates from the iPhone.”

Much more in the full article (which I highly recommend) here.

So it seems that, despite the silliness of Google marketshare claims, which attempt to compare several hundred phones against a single line of Apple phones, Apple is outpacing, out-marketing, and outdoing Google at every turn… What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments.

Fortune via MacDailyNews