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Final Cut Pro X available in June for $299

Final Cut Pro X available in June for $299

Apple previewed it’s latest version of the professional video editor, Final Cut Pro X, at the National Associaton of Broadcasters (NAB) conference last night in Las Vegas. it is born of iMovie ’11 but obviously has serious pro features. Macworld reports:

It now supports full background rendering—“the render dialogue is gone!” said Apple video architect Peter Steinauer—and an inline precision editor. It also sports the same automatic face detection (single or group) as iMovie or and the ability to identify shots (medium, wide, or close-up).

Engadget is reporting that it will be a 64 bit app which allows it to address more than 4 GB of RAM and will handle 4k video (4000 horizontal pixels). Just think, 1080p HD has only 10801920 horizontal pixels! It will also feature:

editing before media ingest, magnetic timeline, people detection, instant color matching between clips, smart collection of media based on custom keywords and people, auto image stabilization on import, and many more.

Final Cut Pro X will be available in June from the Mac App Store for the bargain basement price of $299 to usher in a whole new wave of Steven Spielbergs.

[via engadget and Macworld]

  1. Guest says:

    Excellent news re the background render! Don't know what "people detection" means but if it's some sort of auto green screen… bring it on.

  2. James Larkin says:

    Bloody hell that is rather cheap (for that kinda software) might have an excuse to play with more video now 😀

  3. Martin Baker says:

    Not quite, 1080 is the Height. That frame size has 1920 horizontal pixels.

  4. William Hynes says:

    Is that for the upgrade of the full version

    1. As I understand, that will be the full version pricing. I speculate that the other Final Cut Pro Studio apps will be available a la carte on the App Store as well – Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Color, Compressor and DVD Studio Pro. In fact, Jim Dalrymple from The Loop was informed by an Apple rep: “Today was just a sneak peak of Final Cut Pro, stay tuned.”

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