Firefox 5 Coming In June

Firefox 5 Coming In June

That was quick. You could even go as far as to say “quick like a fox”.

(pats self on back for amazing and creative pun)

The dust has yet to settle on Mozilla’s release of Firefox 4, which saw more than 6 million downloads in 24 hours, and Mozilla is already looking forward to the release of Firefox 5.

Mozilla adopted a Google Chrome like development cycle which will see shorter release cycles with incremental changes rather than large sweeping changes. One of the reasons for the change is so Firefox can push out more features when they become ready rather than waiting months to bundle features into a scheduled release.

It took nearly a year for Firefox 4 to be released and Firefox 3.6 had a similar waiting period for its release. The change in how Mozilla update Firefox should result in a new version of Firefox every two or so months.

It is expected that Firefox 5 will be in beta by May 17 with a planned release of June 21.

Mozilla borrowed another trick from Chrome when they introduced the silent update in Firefox 4. This will result in Firefox updating in the background when an update is available rather than notifying the end user to download and install the update.