How To Run iPad Apps On iPhone

How To Run iPad Apps On iPhone

I’m not exactly sure why anyone would want to do this, but apparently it’s possible to run iPad apps on your jailbroken iPhone. While it’s not exactly a new idea, a Mac app called iTelePad2Pod makes the process a breeze.

The app is Mac-only, and your phone needs to be jailbroken and have OpenSSH installed. The app simply changes the metadata of iPad apps, adding the iPhone as a compatible device. The app then gets beamed over to your iPhone via SFTP. Not too hard, though it’s not guaranteed to work for all iPad apps.

Further, most iPad apps would look AWFUL on the iPhone, and contain impossibly small buttons, controls, and text… so yeah. You go right ahead and have your fun (instructions are available from ModMyi), but as for me… that’s why I have an iPad.

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