iPad 2 Coming To China

iPad 2 Coming To China

The iPad 2 was recently awarded with a 3C (China Compulsory Certification) licence which means that Apple’s popular tablet device has the go ahead to be officially sold on the Chinese market.

Thousands of iPad 2s made their way onto the Chinese black market shortly after the iPad 2’s release in the US. China went crazy for the iPad 2 with many paying twice the standard retail price.

According to The Global Times, Chinese citizens could be queuing for an iPad 2 in Shanghai & Beijing in a month’s time.

The Chinese market is big business for Apple where it is expected the market will account for approximately 10% of Apple’s total revenue within the next 5 years.

48% of 1,600 readers on The Wall Street Journal’s Chinese website said they plan to buy an iPad 2 while 23% said they were not sure.

According to Bryan Ma (analyst at research firm IDC), Apple holds a mere 1.37% share of the Chinese PC market.

It should be interesting to see how that percentage grows in the coming years. Apple’s mobile devices have historically become a gateway device for sales in Apple’s Mac range.

(Via The Next Web)