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iPhone 4 Bike Holder For Only €8.50 / £7.55

iPhone 4 Bike Holder For Only €8.50 / £7.55
iPhone 4 Bike Holder

Our good friends at Gruupy have this great deal on an iPhone 4 bike holder. You can save a massive 43% if you purchase today.

Grab an iPhone 4 Bike holder for only €8.50 (£7.55)

This offer is open to to the Eurozone and UK (and includes FREE delivery).

As anyone who cycles will tell you, one of the worst things is not being able to look at your phone when you need to without having to pull over and then dig it out of whatever secure pocket you’ve padlocked it in to make sure it doesn’t fall out. You lose all momentum, and by the time you’ve found it whoever was calling you has inevitably given up and left a message anyway, so you went through all that trouble for nothing, and now you have to build up your momentum again.

Then again, if you have your iPhone 4 in sight at all times, you’ll be able to just glance at it to see what’s going on, so all the information you’ll need is right there in front of you, and if you’re listening to music (not recommended when you’re cycling, but it happens) and need to skip to the next song, it’s a simple matter of changing the track at the next set of lights.

Remember, this deal is only available today. So be quick!

Want more sales pitch? Here you go:

  • Lock your iPhone 4 into place on your bike with this secure holder!
  • Easy to add and remove to the clamps (but not so easy that it could ever fall off)
  • It’s firmly fixed on with a grip that can withstand earthquakes!
  • Rotates 360 degrees.
  • This can be placed horizontally or vertically on the holder’s clamps.
  • Quick and easy access to your iPhone (just remember to keep your eyes on the road, don’t get too swept up with playing Angry Birds as you cycle into work.