iPhone 5 New Features Revealed

iPhone 5 New Features Revealed
iPhone 5

With Steve Jobs on leave from Apple certain changes were bound to take hold, and our “deep throat” source at Apple has sent us this early marketing leak. DT claims that with the iPhone 5 a more user centric design approach has been taken. With the iPhone being used more and more as a primary online tool while mobile, it was important that users have quick access to the most commonly used actions when it comes to social media and other activities.

Our source also acknowledged the criticism Apple has come under for the lack of ports and removal of media devices over the years and as a first step has made a more reasonable number of ports available on the iPhone, with iPad improvements promised. DT declined to comment on rumours that the new MacBook Pro would feature a floppy disk drive.

While he refused to comment on the specifics of the antenna issues when the iPhone 4 launched, he did acknowledge that Apple’s handling of the situation could have been better and he pointed to the new antenna placement on the iPhone 5 as proof that Apple do listen to negative feedback and make user centric improvements.

Apple were so sure of a home run with the iPhone 5 they even dubbed it “the homer”.

Quick Overview:

  • Quick access call and hang up buttuons
  • No more reception issues on launch with new external antenna to ensure coverage
  • New iMote buttons to let your friends know how you’re feeling
  • Quick access onscreen acronym shortcuts for texting and social site usage
  • Quick access social media buttons
  • Keep your screen clean with the new iStick screen controller
  • Connect how you like with USB, Mini DVI, Firewire, Ethernet and SD slot
  • Mini magsafe port for more charging options
  • Full slide out mobile keyboard

Wait, you didn’t actually believe us, did you?