iPhone Market Share Increased 115% From Last Year

The iPhone gained a whopping 115% in worldwide market share from the year-ago quarter making it the fourth most poplar phone in the world, according to IDC.

Apple shipped 8.7 million iPhones a year ago and jumped to 18.7 million during Q1 2011. Nokia is still in the lead, however is virtually flat with an insignificant 0.6% growth. The only vendor ahead of Apple that grew significantly was Samsung, makers of the popular Galaxy line of smartphones, in second place with 8.9% growth. LG is still third with a drop of 9.6% from last year. Chinese firm ZTE (who?) is in fifth place while HTC, SonyEricsson, RIM and HP/Palm must be lumped together in ‘Others.’


IDC reported that “Apple’s results were buoyed by strong sales on Verizon Wireless and additional carrier deals.” Nokia, which recently partnered with Microsoft in a bid to standardize its OS to Windows Phone 7, still has nearly a third of the worldwide market but is clearly struggling to stay on top. Samsung has shown strength with its Galaxy phones running Android and appears to be only competitor in Apple’s way. LG will likely drop a level in the next quarter or two, giving Apple the third place spot.

These results are amazing. Keep in mind Apple isn’t a ‘phone’ company, traditionally, but it certainly seems to be tearing it up. Are these numbers any surprise? This proves the Android vs. iPhone debate is flawed. Apple makes two phone (really just one while keeping last year’s model around) and has still managed to stay ahead of the countless other Android-based manufacturers.

[via The Loop]