Review: MacLove Titan iPhone Stand

Review: MacLove Titan iPhone Stand

I really love my iPhone, but I often wonder about what to do with it when I’m at my desk – I don’t really like having it my pocket, as it’s harder to get to, and it looks so alone and vulnerable just sitting on my desk… MacLove has answered this quandary by producing a veritable throne for your iPhone 4 to sit in when its not in use.

First Impressions

The Titan stand for iPhone is gorgeous, and looks especially great whilst sitting against the wood grain of a desk. The stand is quite solid, being constructed from a healthy measure of aircraft-grade aluminum, and is cushioned perfectly, allowing your iPhone to look beautiful whilst resting in comfort on your desk.

What’s in the box?

The packaging for the Titan Stand for iPhone 4 is particularly great. While it seems large on the outside, the reality is that inside its cardboard housing, there sits just enough plastic to perfectly hold and cushion the iPhone stand. The packaging does it’s job well without a great deal of waste, and looks great in the process. Inside the box is all of the parts necessary to put together the stand, and a few extra pads in case you lose on or they wear out.

What’s So Great?

First, the fact that the stand is so easy to assemble is a real plus. Further, In addition to being beautiful and holding your iPhone 4 in style, the Titan is very adjustable. Using a knob on the base, you can adjust the iPhone up and down to alter the viewing angle from horizontally flat to an approximately 15 degree vertical angle. The stand is also very nicely weighted.

Interesting And Notable

This stand is immaculately designed – it somewhat resembles an iMac in that respect. In the back of the stand, there is a hole that is the perfect size for threading your sync cable through in order to keep it out of the way, while allowing the cable to remain connected while your iPhone is any orientation – vertical, or either horizontal layout.

What I Didn’t Love

While I was generally impressed all around with the Titan stand for iPhone 4, there are a few things that I would add or change. First, I think the stand needs to be even more adjustable. In addition to being able to rotate up and down, and laterally swivel in a full circle, I should like the mounting arm to swivel left and right, so that you can keep it in one place, but angle it towards you should the need arise.


I really enjoyed using, and was very impressed with the Titan Stand for iPhone 4. It’s durable, it’s functional, it’s beautiful, and it does everything it appears that it should do. For those that share my feeling on desk use of an iPhone 4, I highly recommend picking one of these up – you’ll be glad you did, and it will serve you well.

For this stand’s beauty, strength, and overall functionality, as well as it’s well-considered and clearly well thought-out design, I award it a beaming 4.5 out of 5 stars, holding back half a point because I feel they could have gone much further in its adjustability. I nevertheless give it a high recommendation. For more information, or to purchase the Titan Stand for iPhone 4 ($59.99 USD), visit MacLove’s product page on the net.