Please Don’t Buy A White iPhone 4

Please Don’t Buy A White iPhone 4

After what feels like forever but is actually a *mere* 10 months, we will finally get to see the white iPhone 4s hitting the shelves. The white iPhone 4, or unicorn 4 as I like to sometimes call it, was largely delayed because of some stupid paint issue.

And that folks is its only feature. Paint. The white iPhone 4 is white and the black iPhone 4 is….. black!

It’s a bit confusing, no, not the difference in color. I get that. What’s confusing is that people will actually buy a white iPhone 4. Not only does it look like a cheap and tacky throwback to the old white MacBooks but, if rumors are to believed, Apple will more than likely launch an iPhone 5…. in the future. And I can only guess that the iPhone 5 will come in white…. from day 1! Just like the white iPad 2.

So, white iPhone 4? What’s the point?

Are people really that fickle that they will down tools, walk zombie-walk to their nearest Apple store, and become memorized by a shinier version of something they could have bought 10 months ago, but now it comes in a different color?

And what’s worse is that it will be out of date in about another 4, 5, or maybe 6 months time.

If the white iPhone 4 came with a floppy disc drive then I might consider it a solid purchase. But other than that, how can you possibly justify this purchase?

Apple should never have bothered releasing his unicorn into the wild. It will get eaten by a bigger, stronger, faster unicorn in a few month’s time.

If you want a white iPhone 4 then why not just buy a white case for your existing iPhone? Then let us know if it improved your quality of life in the comments.

Please, please, please don’t buy a white iPhone 4. It will only break your heart. Wait for the white iPhone 5.

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