Recycladelic: The Recycled iBook iPad Case

Recycladelic: The Recycled iBook iPad Case

Want to turn your old iBook into a beautiful case for your iPad 2? Turns out it’s not that hard! I’m writing this post for three reasons. First, it’s Earth Day. Second, it’s freaking awesome, and third, I get to use my favorite word: recycladelic! Check it out!

Sometimes people don’t know what to do with their old computers. I’ve turned old laptops into screw and part organizers for working on electronics, among other things. This project, however, is much more awesome – why not keep that old iBook, and use it to make the most awesome iPad case ever?

Gary Katz, known for the Personal Shoebox Apple Store, and a 30 year history of Apple delivered in just 2 minutes, shows you how easy it is to make this gut-wrenchingly awesome case to show off your goods. All you need is an old iBook, a Dremel tool and some free time.

Essentially, Katz gutted the iBook completely, Dremeled the edges till they were smooth and buttery-soft, added some nice soft and cuddly lining (yes, cuddly… iPads have feelings to, eh!), and removed the Apple logo to reveal the iPad’s screen.

Presto! Bam! Voila! An iPad case that didn’t exist before has now imposed itself upon an unsuspecting universe! Now just insert your iPad and you will have a very sturdy case that will handle your precious with care.

Check out the video below for Katz’ offiical show-off session.

I don’t know about you, but I can only thing of two words incredible enough to describe this – 1. Recycladelic. 2. AWESOMESAUCE! Sound off in the comments!