Review: KBCovers OS X Shortcuts Keyboard Cover

Review: KBCovers OS X Shortcuts Keyboard Cover

I have always used a keyboard cover for as long as I’ve owned a Mac. KBCovers has often been the brand I keep under my fingers, and now they have some covers that can help you be more productive while you type!

KBCovers sent me a couple of great samples – one of their clear covers, which stands on his own merit, and one that I find much more exciting – a cover for my MacBook Pro keyboard that has OS X keyboard shortcuts printed right on the surface!

The covers enclose the entire keyboard, and overlap by about an eighth of an inch – a great feature that prevents junk from falling in between the cover and the keyboard itself. The material it is constructed of is quite thin (thin enough to avoid marking the screen when the cover is closed), but thick enough to add some durability and solidarity when typing.

I hate that “glossy” or “greasy” look that can occur when the finish begins wearing off your keys, and I believe that KBCovers has a great answer to these woes. In addition to its strength, thin-ness, and durability, it is also color coded to indicate what type of shortcut you are looking at, and looks GREAT!

In short the KBCovers rank with the very best covers I have used. I have used a lot of them, from a lot of brands, usually finding them to be either too flimsy, or annoyingly thick and resistant to motion. This cover has achieved the fine balance that I so dearly love.

To learn more, or to purchase a KBCover (they have versions for Photoshop, OS X, and other apps, as well as a transparent version), which range from $20-30, depending on what keyboard you want to cover, and whether or not you need a program-specific one, visit KBCovers on the web. I rank these covers 9.5 out of 10.