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Rumor: Twitter Make $50 Million Bid For TweetDeck

Rumor: Twitter Make $50 Million Bid For TweetDeck

Back in February, we brought you news of Ubermedia making a $25 to $30 million play for Tweedeck. Nothing much more happened with that story but it is still believed to have happened. Whether or not Tweetdeck turned down the offer or got trapped in negotiations is unclear.

Now enter Twitter.

The WSJ last night reported that Twitter made an offer of $50 million to purchase the UK based Tweetdeck, up to double of Ubermedia’s previous offer.

Twitter is [also] in advanced talks to purchase a program used by many Twitter users to view and manage tweets, Tweetdeck, for around $50 million.

Jack Dorsey, a Twitter founder, recently returned as its product chief. He has become more active advising the company.

It is unclear when the changes will be introduced or how Twitter may use Tweetdeck. A spokesman for Twitter, which has made seven small acquisitions to date, declined to comment. TweetDeck Inc.’s chief executive, Iain Dodsworth, couldn’t be reached.

Twitter previously purchased Tweetie from which they churned out Twitter.app, Twitter iPhone app, and Twitter for iPad. They know the perceived value in owning the Twitter client market and their counter offer to Ubermedia’s would seem to be a smart play since Tweetdeck holds approximately 11% of the Twitter client usage.

It’s not clear what the motivation behind Twitter’s bid is. Do they use Tweetdeck as a valuable monetary asset or an asset that would deprive a competitor? If they purchase Tweetdeck will they kill it or let it live?

If Ubermedia’s acquisition of Tweetdeck were to go through, it would mean Ubermedia would control approximately 20% of all tweets in the Twittersphere.

It would seem Twitter is a bit worried.

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