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Steve Wozniak: iPads Are Computers For Normal People

Steve Wozniak, the eccentric and outspoken co-founder of Apple, has unleashed another very curious idea. According to Woz, tablets are not for geeks, but instead, they are the “computer for the rest of us.” Read on to see more.

Wozniak told a group on network storage engineers at Storage Network World in Santa Clara the following:

The tablet is not necessary for the people in this room – it’s for the normal people of the world.

He goes on to say that he hopes that Android tablets never surpass the iPad, and that Steve Jobs had the intention for a long time to create a computer that behaved more like a consumer appliance, and less like a technically-ridden business tool that many people cannot understand.

Wozniak, or the Woz, as some call him, along with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne established Apple Computer, Inc. thirty-five years ago. One of the often repeated quotes from the young Steve Jobs in the early days of Apple compares computers to a bicycle for our minds.

He said back then that the computer is “the most remarkable tool we’ve ever come up with.”

Check out that quote in the below video clip.

Via CultofMac, 9to5Mac. Image Credit: Bob Pearce