Apple Using Sony Cameras In iPhone 5? Preposterous.

Apple Using Sony Cameras In iPhone 5? Preposterous.

An analyst with Oppenheimer & Co says that, converse to the claim’s being made about Sony providing 8MP camera modules for the iPhone 5 (which we reported on just earlier today!), Apple will remain with their original supplier, OmniVision.

Yair Reiner is that Oppenheimer analyst. Reiner goes into a number of reasons for why Sony CEO Howard Stringer’s comments on the matter shouldn’t be taken too seriously, including apparent animosity between the Sony CEO and Apple (as Stringer has previously badmouthed Apple, and specifically the iPad), as well as loyalty to OmniVision and a lack of clarity in things the Sony CEO has said.

I encourage you to read AppleInsider’s full report on the matter – it’s quite interesting, and sheds a unique light on the situation. It also raises the question: If Apple waiting on Sony camera modules isn’t causing a rumored delay in the iPhone 5 release, then what is? Is the delay a mere rumor, or is there another reason out there, as yet unseen, for the delays?

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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