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Wi-Fi Syncing Coming to iPods Thanks to Carbon Fiber?

Wi-Fi Syncing Coming to iPods Thanks to Carbon Fiber?

Apple’s move to hire Kevin Kenney to their engineering team could result in more than iDevices getting lighter. Wi-Fi syncing could also be a welcomed outcome.

According to Cult of Mac Apple has been testing different solutions for syncing media wirelessly to iDevices for over two years. It has been a difficult road where signal strength, reliability, battery life and case design have been big obstacles, but it seems that carbon fiber could be the solution.

According to our source, Apple has prototyped the iPod classic and the previous version of the iPod nano (not the current iPod nano, which is smaller than its predecessor). The carbon fiber cases greatly improve WiFi issues but isn’t yet perfect, our source says.

Except for the iPod touch, no iPods are equipped with Wi-Fi hardware (yet), and if Apple will bring Wi-Fi technology to the iPod classic and iPod nano, the tiny iPod shuffle would be the only one lacking Wi-Fi hardware. When it comes to the iOS products iPhone/iPad/iPod touch there is no information about Wi-Fi syncing, although it seems likely that it would only require an easy software update.

Wi-Fi syncing could be just what some of the iPod models (iPod classic and iPod nano) would need to explode in sales again. The iPod Classic hasn’t been updated since September 2009 and many rumors have circulated that the model soon will be discontinued.

With 5 months to go until the expected annual iPod Special Event, Apple has still got time to figure out how to use the carbon fiber most effienctly in their iDevices. And I bet the will blow our minds, like they always do.

(Via Cult of Mac) Picture credit, carbon fiber wrap from carbon:era