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Apple Signs Deal With EMI, Cloud Music Agreements Almost Finalized.

Apple Signs Deal With EMI, Cloud Music Agreements Almost Finalized.

CNET reports that Apple has reached an agreement with EMI over the launch of the much-fabled iCloud music service that may come forth at WWDC this June. They also point out that the last two agreements – with Sony and Universal – are well underway.

From CNET:

Apple has signed a cloud-music licensing agreement with EMI Music and is very near to completing deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, multiple music industry sources told CNET.

The negotiations between Sony Music Group and Universal Music Group could be wrapped up as early as next week, the sources said. What this means is that signed contracts with all four of the top four record companies will be in Apple’s hip pocket on June 6 when Apple kicks off the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The sources who spoke with CNET did not know when Apple would announce the deals or roll out the cloud service.

Clearly this is great news – gaining support from all four major music labels in the US is what Apple needs in order for any streaming music service to work. The cloud service might include a subscription-based system for streaming music you don’t own, a cloud storage locker for music that you do own, the ability to stream iTunes Store-purchased music to your devices, or more.

It’s also possible that Apple is merely looking to build relations and gain the full support of the music industry in order to avoid possible legal and other difficulties, such as those that Google and Amazon have faced with their new services.

Whatever ends up happening, there’s a strong chance that we’ll know by June 6th – the beginning of WWDC and the date of the much-anticipated annual keynote.

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Image: TiPb


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