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[Updated] Apple Store 2.0 Will Have Startup Sessions, iPad Signs, New Display Systems

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You know all that business about NFC readers coming to stores for the big Apple Retail 10th Anniversary? Probably not true. Instead, Apple Stores are prepping for a reboot this weekend for Apple Store 2.0.

According to a tipster for 9to5Mac, Apple Stores are getting a big makeover this weekend:

  • Personal Setup service will have a dedicated area called “Startup Sessions
  • Interactive Genius Bar
  • Paper ‘price tag’ signage will be replaced with interactive, flashy content displayed on iPads
  • Some stores will have updated displays and sound systems described as “huge”
  • A new Apple Store iOS app that will track your location in the store – creepy?

There seems to be much conflicting information on this, but the reboot will possibly be this Sunday, May 22nd.

Added informtion about RetailMe in-store app and possible partnership with mobile payments company, Square

AppleInsider has received a tip that Apple specialists will be equipped with iPads for “on the job use.” One store reportedly received 40 Smart Cover equipped iPads, possibly replacing the current iPod Touch EasyPay terminals.

The delivery of iPads to stores around the country comes as Apple is apparently prepared to release an iPad version of its proprietary in-house communications client known as RetailMe. The RetailMe service offers information about products and training videos for retail employees.

That's a lot of iPads

In related news, Cult of Mac is reporting that a special event announced by mobile payments processor, Square, could be tied to Apple’s new retail strategy:

Could Apple be partnering with Square on something significant to Apple’s retail business or their mutual customers businesses? The announcement happens to coincide with Apple’s rumored to be huge 10th retail anniversary during the week-end of May 20th.

Square makes a credit card reader that plugs into an iPhone’s headphone jack to enable individuals and small businesses to accept credit card payments. The company’s founder, Jack Dorsey, described the deal to be announced on May 23rd as “a big one.” Incidentally, Apple Stores recently began stocking Square card readers, so Cult may be on to something.

via 9to5Mac, AppleInsider and Cult of Mac