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Colorware Now Offers The iPad 2 In Pretty Colors

Colorware Now Offers The iPad 2 In Pretty Colors

Not happy with only being able to choose between a black or white iPad 2? Want a custom paint job? Have a boatload of cash? Then there’s good news. Colorware now offers the iPad 2 in pretty colors, as well as the option to send yours in for painting.

On May 2, Colorware made known that it officially added the iPad 2 to its lineup of colorful tech toys. The amazing color options are not without cost, however, as prices start at $900 for the base model, and go up from there. They’ve also introduced the option to have you send your iPad 2 in for a custom paint job – a service that rings in at $400. Check out the below video to see the video that Colorware created for the occasion:

My take? I’ve never been intrigued with Colorware. While it’s nice to be able to color up your devices, their service almost always voids your hardware warranty, and it can also significantly decrease retail value… but if you must have pretty colors (perhaps you want your iPad to match your Ferrari), then this is definitely for you. You can read the official press release below.

WINONA, MN May 2, 2011 — The eagerly awaited iPad™ 2 is finally here! It’s thinner, faster––and now ColorWare offers it to you in exactly your color.

This new generation offers features like video chat, longer battery life and a faster browser experience. All this is packed into an insanely light aluminum body with a front and rear camera. Just imagine easily gripping your favorite tablet with a custom Softouch finish. After all, don’t you deserve more than the standard gray?

If interested, you can read more about it over at Colorware’s website.

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