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Explore Your Music Universe With Planetary for iPad

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Bloom Studio has just released their first app for iPad and it’s gorgeous.

Planetary for iPad enables you to visualize your music data in a beautiful and meaningful way. Artists are represented by stars (get it?) while each album is a planet orbiting around its star. The surface of the planet is derived from the album art, making each planetary ‘surface’ unique. The tracks on an album are represented by moons orbiting the planet, which grow as the play count increases. Finally, when filtering artists by letter it creates a constellation of artists. This is a truly innovative design that makes the iPod app on iOS seem stale.

For another visual treat, be sure to check out the cool CSS foreground and background effects Bloom Studio has employed on their site as you scroll down through their other projects. These guys are a group to watch closely and I’m really excited to see what’s next.

Check out the video:

Planetary from Bloom Studio, Inc. on Vimeo.

Get the app:
Planetary – Bloom Studio, Inc. [App Store, FREE]