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iOS 5 Will Not Feature Apple Maps, Google Maps Still A Go

iOS 5 Will Not Feature Apple Maps, Google Maps Still A Go

It’s been a big news day for Apple. Following reports of a revamped iOS notification system, and the possible inclusion of Widgets in iOS 5 comes a report that the iPhone 5 will not feature Apple’s mapping technology, but will remain on Google Maps.

This is notable, since Apple’s purchase of two mapping companies over the last few years – Poly9, and then Placebase – would lead one to speculate that Apple might be ready to make the leap to its own mapping system, and abandon Google Maps. Additionally, job postings on Apple’s official jobs site tended to back this up, seeming to promise, at the very list, significant tweaks and changes for Maps in iOS.

Sources have now informed 9to5Google that, although Apple is working to improve the iOS Maps application, iOS 5 will not be bringing an Apple-developed maps service to the table, leaving Google Maps on board.

I should note that, even if the rumor is true and Google Maps will remain within iOS 5, that certainly doesn’t mean that Apple isn’t working on something of their own. It’s equally likely that Apple’s own solution isn’t ready for prime time just yet.

Processing all of this information – Apple’s acquisitions, the job listings, etc – leads me to think that either Apple is going to significantly enhance and augment Google Maps, using the expertise of the folks they acquired, or they’ve got something great in the works that just isn’t finished “cooking” yet.

Whatever the case may be, keep in mind that this is a rumor, and should be treated as such – we won’t know for certain what iOS 5 will and will not contain until it is released.