Review: Cloth Addiction Microfiber

Review: Cloth Addiction Microfiber

Got an iPad? Lucky enough to have an iPad 2? With that big, beautiful, glossy screen, you’ll surely need something to clean it with. Cloth Addiction meets that demand with a high quality product that’s large enough to get the job done.


Cloth Addictions microfiber cloths are different from most cloths that are available, in that they are constructed of 100% pure microfiber – the texture, absorbency, and cleaning ability of these cloths is therefore better than most off-the-market cleaning solutions, and even though they cost a little extra ($9), I found that they are probably worth it, as they are extremely durable and require less effort to clean than most cloths I have tried.

Pros and Cons


  • Minimalist packaging
  • Easy to slip in an iPad case or pocket
  • Extremely fine knit and material composition makes this product stand out among competition
  • The size of their cloth is perfect for the iPad (9″ by 12″) – not too small, but not large enough to get in the way.
  • Comes with an extra 7 X 7 inch cloth for free


  • Price may be offsetting to potential buyers at first
  • Cloths only come in one color


The Cloth Addiction cloths really are a high quality product, and in my opinion, are well worth the money for how much use you will get out of them. They are sturdy, reliable, and environmentally sound, and do a great job on iPad 2’s fingerprint-grabbing screen.

I award these a 4 out of 5. For more information, or to purchase ($9), visit them on the web.