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Reading a Paper Book vs Reading on the iPad

Reading a Paper Book vs Reading on the iPad

When I bought my iPad, I didn’t realize how many tasks I was going use my iPad for instead of my Mac. And it makes sense – for example reading the news online is so much easier and convenient on the iPad rather than on a big fat screen, using a keyboard and a mouse. But one thing I wouldn’t think the iPad was going to replace was the book. It just didn’t make much sense to me.

But oh, I was wrong. I have started reading books on my iPad, mainly because I don’t need to carry any extra weight with me – my iPad is always in my backpack anyway. And having a 850 pages thick “Game of Thrones” in my bag all the time is not something that I’d prefer.

Steve Gillmor at TechCrunch is having another great point in this matter in one of his posts:

So I bought or was given the John Lennon autobiography by Philip Norman a few years ago. I read it in fits and starts, right up until someone (maybe me, maybe not) spilled coffee on it and saturated the first third of a very long book. I spent an hour separating the pages and drying them individually so as not to lose too much of the narrative.

Then the iPad arrived, I downloaded the book from the Kindle app, and never touched the paper version again. Moral: you own the print version as in You Break It You Buy It. I own the coffee-stained stuck-together pages where John met Paul and decided to bring him in even though he would ultimately take over and spend weeks on Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.

I read about this on the iPad.

Do you read a lot of books on your iPad, and if so, which one are you currently enjoying on your iPad?