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Review: Pulse – The Flashy New Neon iOS Game With A Serious Groove

Review: Pulse – The Flashy New Neon iOS Game With A Serious Groove

Looking for a new and awesome game for your iPad? Love neon? Do you have a good internal sense of rythm? If so, speed on over the the App Store to download Cipher Prime’s Pulse – a new rhythm-based game that hit the app store just today.


In the game (Pulse, $4.99, App Store Link), it’s your goal as a player to tap on the brightly colored dots on the screen in rhythm with the music that’s playing. The goal of the game is to tap a large percentage of the dots correctly, competing against yourself in terms of percentage.

An Incredible Sense Experience

The very compelling graphics and appealing yet upbeat and catchy soundtrack draw you in to this game, and I have to say that once you get involved, this game can be very difficult to put down. You have been warned.

Excellent Long-Term Playability

The game features a number of levels, each with its own soundtrack. The multitouch experience is challenging, yet elegant, and helps you establish a good internal sense of rhythm, as well as improving reflexes and hand-eye coordination. This initial release of the game will feature 8 levels with eight original tracks.

How It Works

The game begins with a pulse that radiates over a series of concentric circles. Players tap notes as they are crossed by the pulse as it expands in time with the music. Beautiful graphics blossom and float outwards with each successfully timed hit. Missed notes, on the other hand, temporarily bump the game environment out of sync.

Buy Once, Play Forever: Game Variables And Monthly Updates

By changing the number of rings in each level, the player can alter the time signature of the music, altering the rhythmic aspects of each level. It’s this aspect of the game that gives in nearly infinite playability, as there are a lot of variables that can alter and add to the challenge of the game.

Cipher Prime will also regularly release free tracks on a monthly basis, written for Pulse by independent local Philadelphia musical artists. These songs will be available specifically for individual levels. This provides an eclectic soundtrack for the game, incorporating genres from chip-tune to nerdcore to death metal all while supporting the burgeoning Philadelphia music scene. It also provides an additional element of flux to the game, which could serve to keep your gaming attention for a very long time.


Pulse may be one of the most damned entertaining games I have ever played for any platform. If you’ve ever wondered about the appeal of music and rhythm-based games, wonder no more. Download Pulse and be satisfied. It’s candy for the eyes and ears, is simple enough to understand immediately, and challenging enough to captivate you for days.

For more information on Pulse, or on the original soundtrack, which is almost as great as the game itself, check out Cipher’s website. The game is available immediately, and can be purchased for a mere 5 clams in the App Store ($4.99, App Store Link). I award it a 5 out of 5 for being original, captivating, and just plain awesome.