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Tavoletta – An iPad Stand You Can Take To Bed

Tavoletta – An iPad Stand You Can Take To Bed

The Tavoletta is an iPad & Kindle stand that is designed for holding your favorite tablet device for when you are relaxing on the sofa or resting in bed.

The Tavoletta is a KickStarter project that is currently looking for investment in order to push onto the next stage of production.

iPad stands are a dime a dozen but Tavoletta believe they can provide you with the best iPad holding experience for when you are away from your desk.

Using our unique design, the Tavoletta™ will hold your iPad or Kindle straight up-and-down for great viewing, unlike other stands that require your tablet to be tilted back at an angle. And, unlike other stands that rely on perfect balance, the Tavoletta™ is forgiving if you need to, heaven forbid, shift your weight or cough or do any of those other things us humans tend to do that our desks don’t.

You can find out more about the Tavoletta at their KickStarter page or from their website. If you are interested in supporting this project, you can make an investment on their KickStarter page.

  1. Grant Peach says:

    that looks so shit its un true i would sooner hold it!


  3. Mao Maoo says:

    totally agree wirh @facebook-684006879:disqus sounds like a bad add for porn

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