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Apple Begins Selling Their Official ($49) Thunderbolt Cable

Apple Begins Selling Their Official ($49) Thunderbolt Cable

Those of you that have been tirelessly waiting for Apple’s official Thunderbolt cable to hit needn’t wait any longer. The Apple Store was updated this morning with the new cable, which is 2 meters long, costs $49, and will work with the 2011 iMac or the 2011 MacBook Pro.

While there so far aren’t many products that the cable can be used with, it’s still nice that it’s available. If you own one of the new 2011 Thunderbolt-enabled iMacs, you can use the cable to turn either of them into a display for your 2011 MacBook Pro, for instance – I feature I suspect some people will appreciate immensely. The new cable can also be used between two Thunderbolt-enabled mask for Target Disk Mode.

Now that Apple has started the fire (so to speak), I expect to see Thunderbolt products being made available at an increased pace, so keep a close watch on the market. If you want one of the new cables, you can get them at this page of the Apple Online Store for $49.

Do you own a Thunderbolt-enabled Mac? What sorts of things do you see it coming in handy for?

  1. guest says:

    when will thunderbolt ssd drives come?

    1. LaCie is currently developing one – I’d expect it fairly soon.  Within a few weeks.

  2. Buffalo says:

    Yep, rip off. 
    I get the feeling TB will never really take off, steep commissions on third parties to produce TB devices will likely relegate the technology only to niche sectors within the Mac domain. I just bought the Macbook Air, intended for use in travel photography, but without ANY TB portable Hard Drives available nor Card readers it’s woefully sitting idle, with USB 2.0 as the lame second option…I mean, why aren’t Apple producing a portable HD of their own? If they are not pushing the technology out there, who will?

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