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Apple Retail 10th Anniversary Poster

Apple Retail 10th Anniversary Poster
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A bold employee has snapped a photo of an Apple Retail poster commemorating its 10th anniversary last month, giving us a rare inside look into the heart of Apple’s retail strategy.

In the last 10 years, we’ve learned a lot. We’ve learned to treat every day with the same enthusiasm we had on the first day. We’ve learned the importance of giving our customers just as much attention as they give us. And we’ve learned the art of hiring the right people for the right positions. We’ve learned it’s better to adapt to the neighborhood rather than expecting the neighborhood to adapt to us. Which is why we spend so much time and energy building stores the way we do.

There are some great gems in there about the company’s successes and failures from the last decade. They all point to one overall theme: Apple’s success is derived from its unwavering attention to detail.

[We’ve learned] how to reveal granite’s true color with a blowtorch. And that sometimes granite has veins of color that have to be matched. We’ve also learned that getting these details perfect can feel like trying to move a mountain.

Whether it’s designing a beautiful showroom floor using granite or changing the way people buy consumer electronics, Apple certainly has moved mountains to reach the level they are at today.

Click the photo for the legible, full size version.

via MacRumors