Budweiser iPhone App Awards Users With Free Beer

Budweiser iPhone App Awards Users With Free Beer

An innovative app from Budweiser aims to attract freeloader customers by offering them free pints of Bud!

The app, called Budweiser Ice Cold, awards users with discounted Bud and even free pints if the weather hits a certain temperature.

This year Budweiser is making summer even better with the Budweiser Ice Cold Index App. You see, the hotter the day, the less you pay for your pint of Budweiser Ice Cold. All you need is this app and a little bit of sunshine.

If the temperature is 16 or 17°C you get €1 off your pint. 18 or 19°C gets you €2 off. And if the sun shines down on you, you get a free pint if the temperature hits 20°C or beyond (that’s 68 fahrenheit by the way).

Once the temperature hits, the app will issue you with a code that you can redeem at a participating bar. The app will even show you the nearest participating pub on a map.

However, before you download the app, be aware that the app is only available in Ireland where a temperature of 20°C (68°F) is a bit of a heat wave.

The app is a pretty innovative approach to get people that normally wouldn’t drink Budweiser to try a free pint of Bud and celebrate the good weather. All in all a great move by Budweiser.

Buurp! Excuse me.

Remember to drink responsibly.