GadgetTrak – Helps You Find Your Lost Or Stolen Macbook

GadgetTrak – Helps You Find Your Lost Or Stolen Macbook

What’s worse than either losing or having your Macbook Pro stolen? A few things come to mind. Getting hit by a bus. Getting hit by a meteorite. And finally, getting hit by a meteorite while waiting for a bus. I can’t think of anything else that’s on a par with Macbook theft.

That’s where GadgetTrak comes into play.

No, GadgetTrack won’t help you avoid meteorites or buses but it will help you if your Macbook is either lost or stolen.

The FBI claims that 1 in 10 laptops purchased in the US today will be stolen within the next 12 months. The return rate for stolen laptops is only 3%. If your Macbook is anything like mine, it probably contains data that is actually more valuable than the laptop’s actual worth.

Losing my Macbook is a scary thought.

But if you install GadgetTrak on your Macbook the chances of you recovering your stolen laptop greatly enhance. GadgetTrak is able to pinpoint the location of your stolen Macbook on a Google map, track its movements over time, and even take a picture of the culprit who snagged your laptop.

That’s all pretty solid information to pass onto the Police after you report the theft.

That’s exactly what Michael Kuzmack did when his laptop was stolen. Check out the video below to watch Michael’s story.

GadgetTrak will pinpoint the location of your device to within 10 to 20 meters of its location and will take a photo of the person in front of your device when it’s turned on.

You install GadgetTrack like you would any other app on your Mac. If you have the misfortunate experience of having your laptop stolen, you simply login to the GadgetTrak site and click on “Enable Tracking” to start tracking your device. You will receive emails every 30 minutes that details the location of your Macbook using a Google Map and it will attach a picture of the person on the other end too. Other information that GadgetTrack will provide includes the IP address used to connect to the internet, and the longitude and latitude coordinates of the device.


Installing GadgetTrack is a no brainer if you have information on your Mac that you can’t live without or if you’re the forgetful type that losses things.

At $34.95 the price is just right for affording you the peace of mind that a theft may not be the end of the world. And it’s a hell of lot cheaper than insuring your Macbook.

Rating: 5/5

A 30 day free trial of GadgetTrak is available from their website.

GadetTrak also have tracking apps for iPhone, iPad, Windows laptops, Blackberry, and Android.


  • Simple to use
  • Excellent and accurate reporting
  • Great price


  • OS X Lion will be introducing a “Find My Mac” feature for free but it won’t be as feature rich as GadgetTrak