Happy 4th Birthday, iPhone! We Love You!

Happy 4th Birthday, iPhone!  We Love You!

Exactly four years ago today, Apple released the much-hyped original iPhone. Not many people predicted back then just how much of a phenomena Apple’s iconic smartphone would become – the iPhone literally changed everything.

Ever since its release, tech pundits have been all over the iPhone, exploring its features, offering praise and criticism, etc. Soon after the App Store was established, developers literally flocked to make their apps available, and the first 1 million apps were sold in record time.

Apple has arguable completely transformed the mobile industry in just 4 short years – pretty impressive! It seems like ever major smartphone since the iPhone has borrowed from its revolutionary new interface in one way or another.

The iPhone also market a significant transition in Apple as a company, arguably made their continued survival a possibility, and for many reasons, including its ability to lure people towards a Mac, is responsible for Apple very financially secure position today.

I love the iPhone – I’ll just come right out and say it – and to celebrate its birthday, Mashable has created an awesome infographic detailing all of the awesome rock-and-roll sorts of changes that the iPhone has caused since Steve gave birth to it. Check it out below, and let us know you thoughts in the comments!