iPhone 5 May Feature Relocated Flash

iPhone 5 May Feature Relocated Flash

A recent report indicates that Apple’s next-gen iPhone might move the LED flash to the top-right side of the iPhone rather than placing it right by the camera on the top left. The report (from 9to5Mac) indicates that redesigned iPhone 5 camera parts have surfaced, showing the change.

The supposed iPhone 5 camera parts have surfaced online, and the above image shows the iPhone 5’s front-facing camera sensor, as well as the rear camera sensor. While the front camera does seem to be redesigned, the real news lies in the back camera module.

The rear camera module is lacking certain elements present from the iPhone 4’s sensor. The neighboring LED flash unit, as well as the barrier that is designed to block interference between the two are missing in action, indicating that Apple may have decided to use a separate camera flash unit located on the opposite side of the phone.

The image comes via Apple.pro, which tends to have a good track record on these sorts of matters.

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