Leaked Document Reveals Pricing For AT&T’s LTE Data Plans

Leaked Document Reveals Pricing For AT&T’s LTE Data Plans

Yesterday, we reported on how Lulzsec had revealed that AT&T was already testing iPads on LTE 4G? Now it appears that their pricing for the new LTE 4G service has been leaked as well!

In what are supposedly complete details about AT&T’s proposed LTE data plans, it’s abundantly clear that when Apple decides to release an LTE iPhone, AT&T will be there, ready and waiting to scoop-shovel away massive piles of your cash, enforce ridiculous data caps, disgusting overages, and will throttle what little bandwidth you do actually end up getting to use.

The Plans

The plans will start at $30 a month and go up to $80 per month. The plans are as follows:

$30 per month gets you 5GB of data, with 7Mbps download speeds and 3Mbps upload speeds. If you go over your data limit, not only will your speeds automatically slow down to 3Mbps down and 1Mbps up, you’ll also be charged a rather ridiculous 5 cents per megabyte you go over. If you go over more that 1GB, and your speed drops even further, and going over by 2GB sees your data getting turned off immediately.

There’s also a $60 per month plan available, which gets you 10GB of data at slightly faster speeds – 9Mbps down and 5Mbps up. Going over yields the same obscene overage charges, speed decreases, and eventual shutoff of your data plan.

Finally, the $80 data plan is the best value, and gets you 20GB of data with 12Mbps download speeds and 7.5Mbps upload speeds. Overage fees are still billed at the same stupidly high rate, and overages will still result in progressively slowed (and eventually halted) data.

To put the overage fees in perspective, streaming services like Netflix typically use about 1GB (1024Mb) of data per hour of streaming – watching an extra 90-minute movie once your data limit is up could cost you $76.80.

AT&T won’t suspend your cell plan for the overage charges, but you might wish they would at those prices. Oh yeah, and you can be sure that tethering the data you’re already paying for will cost yet an additional monthly fee.

Some Thoughts

Here’s a thought: If AT&T was really having issues with data-hungry smart phones, why would they release a 20GB data plan for their 4G LTE? Isn’t that just asking for a disaster? I don’t know anyone with an unlimited plan that uses that much data – hell, I don’t know of anyone that even uses 10GB of data… Was AT&T just pulling our legs about their reasons for canceling unlimited plans? I wouldn’t be surprised.

If this is all true, it’s extremely likely that I will refuse to use AT&T 4G. 3G speeds are good enough for me, and personally, I don’t want to be involved in the criminally stupid plans of AT&T to slowly rape the world of all its spending cash (for no reason, and without any real justification).

Keep in mind, nothing is certain. These plans are mere propositions which may or may not truly come to pass. But they sure do make me nervous – Could AT&T really reach such ridiculous level of capitalistic disregard for their customers that they really instituted overage charges that extreme? Hell, even the data charges are fairly high, considering the price they get their huge internet connections for compared to what they actually end up charging for Data.

What are your thoughts? If these plans are real, do they seem reasonable to you? Or will a full-scale consumer boycott be in order? Sound off in the comments!

  1. Docexaminer says:

    Have been with AT&T since 91.  Hate to leave them, but this is RAPE.

  2. JoveroIV says:

    This new plan is a bunch of bull, but the greatest crime is the ridiculous charge they hit you with if you decide to switch. Personally I think that when this wave of 2 year contracts are over the iPhone users that are currently being beat to death every month with these charges are going to move to a different carrier. You might actually come out on top by cutting your losses and just taking the early termination fee with a grain of salt and going somewhere else with their hard earned cash! 

  3. Lfddrummer3 says:

    Full scale boycott needs to occur if this actually happens. There is no reason to charge so much and put a cap on data. The unlimited plan gives heavy data users peace of mind that they won’t incur any overage charges. Since they took that away already it was a bad move, and now they appear to beaming LtE so undesirable to get that I’d rather stick with 3G. Hell I might even switch to Verizon when my contract is up because Att is just getting worse and worse and worse.

  4. Lassitermillrat says:

    I’m feeding a family of 5 users ( 5 phones, – 2 are iPhones- 1 android, 1 iPad) for $280 a month- makes time Warner look like a rose and Netflix look like heaven. AT&T I’d dump you in a minute

  5. Got2trythis says:

    The problem is price fixing.  It is illegal but who are we kidding.  Verizon will offer a similar plan just like they do today and consumer will have no choice but to pay if they want to use these services. Let’s hope that hotspots become very popular like they are in Europe and people do not have to use these corporate monsters. As for the government protecting consumers from these greedy corporation, they stopped to care long time ago.  They are too busy getting into wars overseas.  

  6. Nikki81 says:

    Who the hell doesn’t have WiFi these days??? It’s everywhere….restaurants, movie theaters, HOME! I wish people would stop whining & educate themselves & their family how to properly user their device. My youngest is 6, has an HP Veer on the $15/month data plan and understands how to use her data and when she needs to wait and connect over WiFi. Why can’t adults?

  7. Anonymous says:

    AT&T could suk it. They’re slowing  data for unlimited user because they want people who grandfather into the unlimited to say screw then and cancel cuz they don’t want us to get unlimited LTE thats their criminal marketing stragedy. I spoke to one of their Rep. and the BS they gave me is cuz they don’t have spectrum. Resolution them why the F@#$ me the customer have to pay for you F grininess and slow my Data from now on I will rape your Data plan til the end of this month I will leave Pandora playing all nite long and whoever had they data slow they should do the same let see if you like been F@#$ with.. WE NEED TO PUT A STOP TO AT&T..

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