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MacBook Airs Will Account For Up To Half Of Apple’s Notebook Sales This Year

MacBook Airs Will Account For Up To Half Of Apple’s Notebook Sales This Year

According to a note by analyst Doug Freedman of Gleacher & Co., the MacBook Air could account for up to 48% of Apple’s laptop sales this year, reports CNET. While unsurprising, this reveals just how much impact the MacBook Air is really starting to have.

From the note:

How big is this opportunity? In the 4-year lifespan of [Apple’s] iconic MacBook Air, units sold as a percentage of its total notebook supply was 8 percent in 2008, 9 percent in 2009, and 17 percent in 2010 to an estimated 48 percent in 2011.

The MacBook Air certainly is immensely popular – and apparently people are even switching from other MacBooks to take advantage of its slim and light profile. Unfortunately, power users who require a heavier-hitting computer will have to wait a while for Apple to slim down their existing MacBook and MacBook Pro lines. Personally, I could really go for a souped-up and slimmed-down 15″ MacBook Pro? Where is it, Apple? I want it NOW!

  1. Bryant Plano says:

    I loved my MBA – I had the stock 11.6″ 64 GB model. It was snappy, and the only think it was really lacking was power (for apps like Photoshop) and space (64 GB? What a joke!). It was super-thin, super-light, and all around easy to use.

    Then again, I didn’t want to pay $600+ to get more RAM and more space. SSDs are not cheap… and with the “Mac Tax”… I’d be surprised if Apple ups the prices on these. 

    I would NOT be surprised if the next Macbook Pro refresh makes them look like MBAs though.

  2. Bevan says:

    Well of course users of other MacBooks are switching to MacBook Airs. What Apple does is selling sexy gear and of all Macs, which is sexier than the Air?

    I lease a MacBook Pro 15in. Now that my most power-hungry app, a Patient Management System (because I have to run it in Parallels/Win XP) is going into the Cloud, I should be fine with the lower juice of an Air.

    So you can be quite sure I will be getting some MacBook Air model as soon as my lease ends.

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