Report: Apple to begin iPhone 5 Assembly In August

Report: Apple to begin iPhone 5 Assembly In August

According to a recent report, Apple will begin production of their 5th-gen iPhone in August, prior to a release in Q3 2011. The information comes to us via Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty.

MacTrast In-House Mock-Up Of Possible iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 Design

Huberty insists that she received information indicating the August production date and Q3 release date, and continued to indicate that a lower-priced model of the iPhone, as well as an Apple-branded TV may be in the works.

Personally, I very much doubt that the information is true – I find it highly unlikely that Apple would only be beginning production in August for a release which will occur, according to Huberty, by the end of September at the latest. This would surely result in a launch day catastrophe – I think that Apple is far more likely to build stock in significantly more advance that Huberty indicates.

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