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Updated AirPort Extremes Feature Significantly Stronger Wi-Fi

Updated AirPort Extremes Feature Significantly Stronger Wi-Fi

Earlier this week, we reported that Apple quietly updated the AirPort Extreme, but did not reveal any changes had been made from the previous model. New reports indicate that there was at least one change – the new AirPort Extreme has significantly increased Wi-Fi strength and range.

The new model of the AirPort extreme is said to have a maximum power output of 392.64mW, which is nearly three times higher than that of the previous model, meaning it can serve a much stronger and further-reaching wireless signal.

The details were uncovered in technical documents filed at the FCC (US Federal Communications Commission) earlier this week. Apple does not list this spec change (or even a model change, for that matter) on their website, however, or in any official Apple documentation I’ve been able to find.

As I discussed earlier, I suspect that Apple may have made some subtle hardware changes that will be activated around the release of iOS 5 this fall, and there is still a real chance that Apple is keeping quiet about this refresh (and about the lack of non-storage hardware changes in the new Time Capsules) in preparation for a new firmware update that will enable iCloud-related features, software update caching, and local iOS device backup storage at a later date.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

  1. did we ever find out the reason behind the update for the time capsules!?

    1. Likely the same, and also, they updated the available storage options.

  2. Chris says:

    Will I be able to tell before I open the box if I am getting one of the new routers? I fancy an extreme but if I am paying the cash I do want to at least have a newer model.

    1. If you order a model right now from the Apple Online Store, you’ll get one of the new models.

  3. Oz9au says:

    Well, given
    the output power with two decimals is some overkill. +- 1 dB will be sufficient
    in this case.


    392 mW is nearly
    4 times the normal power of 100 mW, equal 6 dB gain. The range is therefore twice
    as before. Some external antenna with 6 dB’s gain would do the same.



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