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Apple May Soon Offer 1080p Video Alongside New Apple TV

Apple May Soon Offer 1080p Video Alongside New Apple TV

Hoping for a new Apple TV, or perhaps 1080p video content through iTunes? According to a recent report, you may be about to get both! The report suggests that a new Apple TV will soon support 1080p playback, and come with iTunes Store content to match!

The current Apple TV can only playback 720p video at maximum, and 720p is the highest resolution of content currently available from the iTunes store. But people with big screen HDTV’s and a thirst for awesome visuals want more – which is why the next Apple TV could support 1080p playback.

We’ve reported on rumors like this before, some of which have indicated that the change is due to the next Apple TV featuring an A5 processor, which can handle higher-resolution video, as well as the fact that iOS 5 will reportedly support native 1080p playback.

The report suggests that the higher-definition content could become available this fall (interestingly, the same time as iOS 5 will be released, and around the time of the September iPod event). Another interesting point is that, granted today’s earlier news of bluetooth support being possibly enabled in the next AppleTV, we may finally see an Apple TV that supports the use of apps and more advanced functionality.

Furthermore, this may lend credence to the recent iPad 2 HD rumors, which suggest that a new iPad that’s very much like the iPad 2 could get released this fall, with the only major difference being a Retina-level display (which would be all it would need in order to support 1080p content playback).

Are you ready for a new Apple TV? I am. Bring it on, Apple!