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Documents In The Cloud Goes Live With iOS 5 Beta 4

Documents In The Cloud Goes Live With iOS 5 Beta 4

iOS 5 betas have so far been all about introducing, optimizing and refining the new features of iOS 5. iOS 5 has already featured iTunes in the cloud, reminders, and many enhancements across the OS, but iOS 5 Beta 4 has just brought Documents in the Cloud to the table.

Apple explains:

Apps make it possible to create amazing presentations, write reports, and more right from your iOS device. You don’t have to manage your documents in a complicated file system or remember to save your work. Your documents are just there, stored in your apps, and ready whenever you need them. And now, your apps can store that information in iCloud. Which means you can access your documents — with your latest updates — on whichever device you happen to be using at the time. Even better, this all happens automatically, without any effort from you.

Documents in the Cloud is a feature of iCloud, and one of its main selling points. It essentially syncs all of your iWork documents between your iOS devices, including any changes that you make, all seamlessly over the cloud. You can start a document on one device, and pick up later where you left off on another device! They’ll even eventually sync with the Mac.

I’m hoping that Apple deciding to include this in iOS 5 Beta 4 means that we’ll soon be seeing a lot more of how well this works between iWork for Mac and iWork.com.