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Google Preparing A Lion-Enhanced Version Of Chrome

Google Preparing A Lion-Enhanced Version Of Chrome

While many Mac users have flocked to Lion and found the upgrade experience (and the Lion experience) to be quite favorable, there are still many of us impatiently awaiting updates for our apps to make them more compatible. Google Chrome, for instance, doesn’t fare too well on Lion. Fortunately, there’s good news, at least for Chrome users: Google is said to be working on a native Lion-optimized version of Chrome for release in the near future.

The update will likely bring increased support for Lion’s gestures, and significantly improve the performance of Chrome under Lion, as well as enabling currently dysfunctional new Lion features such as using two fingers to swipe back and forth between pages. Further, the update is expected to mimic Lion’s new tendency to auto-hide scroll bars when you aren’t actively using them, and add an enhanced Full-Screen App mode based on Lion’s new API for that.

This is great news for users of Google Chrome, which is at the very least an excellent choice for a second browser (if you’re one of those people dedicated to Safari), and it’s reassuring to see the Chrome team committed to working hard to support Apple’s newest baby Lion.

  1. KrypticPulse says:

    Awesome, I used Chrome as my main browser until Lion, but currently using Safari because of some glitches like flash not working in Chrome at times.

  2. jbeitler says:

    well they only had 8 months to plan this, lets see which comes out first Profiles for GooApps or Chrome for Lion? #googlefailagian 
    I mean really it’s reassuring that google dropped the ball again? I find it hard to believe that someone in that place doesn’t have a Developer account and had acces to Lion long long ago. They are starting to get to big for their britches and need to get back on track or people are going to 1. start leaving or worse 2. come up with something better.

  3. Using Chrome on Lion right now, seems all right other than the non-hiding scroll bars, and it being impossible to exit Full Screen without closing the window completely (there are no blue arrows in the top-right corner).

    1. William Lamy says:

      You can use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+shift F to exit fullscreen mode.

      1. Devlin185 says:

        or view > exit full screen

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