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Lion Can Automatically Restart Your Mac If It Freezes

Lion Can Automatically Restart Your Mac If It Freezes

Thanks to a new feature within Mac OS X Lion, your Mac can now automatically restart itself if your system freezes. The hack is hidden away in the Energy Saver preferences, and should make life easier for many users.

The auto-restart ability can be enabled or disabled at will, depending on whether or not you desire your Mac to fix its own frozen state, or if, like me, you enjoy restarting the machine yourself (I control you, Mac! Hah!)

To turn this feature on or off, simply launch System Preferences within Lion, click on the “Energy Saver” pane, and look for an option that says “Restart automatically if the computer freezes.

Admittedly, Macs rarely freeze, and if they do, it usually indicates a more serious problem such as bad RAM, but still – it’s nice to know that your Mac can handle things like this on its own – that is, if you want it to.

  1. Hm…the biggest problem when a computer freezes is that it is no longer self aware. How then can the computer tell itself that it is frozen and needs to restart? I like it.

  2. Nigelchapman58 says:

    Unfortunately having upgraded, my mac freezes on starting up. Everything opens OK then frezes, not even the mouse works, so I’m locked out of it completely. It wants to download Java script of some description for CS4. Any ideas. I still have access through my PC to this forum.

  3. Nigelchapman58 says:

    answering my own question…. problem is that my keyboard was turned off! Silly me!!

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